Aquarian Age

We are a culture hitting bottom, nearing the edge of surrender, to a new way of life.  Just like addicts coming off their drug of choice, we become willing to do things differently, or we get more of the same.  We can all see, that isn't what's happening!  Change is apparent.

In the midst of patriarchal resistance (distorted 3D-reality), evolution is occurring and speeding up, not time.  Attached to distorted reality, i.e., time, which is mundane (away from Natural Law--connection to Nature, Flow, Miracles, Relationship to All of Life) we struggle.  To keep up with the rate of conscious evolution we are invited to live in tune with our whole-selves, and embrace the multi-dimensionality of who we really are.  To heal from the inside out, not the other way around.


In the most recent century, we learned to believe that our issues are mainly physical and genetic, and not at all related to our lifestyles (the thoughts we think, what we believe, the food we eat, the choices we make, relying on medications and externals, living in general disconnection or disassociation from our bodies, and it's inherent wisdom).


This makes us victims rather than empowered participants in the outcomes of our health, wellness, relationships and so on.  We've been taught pretty much everything can be addressed with a quick fix (a drug, a pill, a vaccine...) all the while walking blindly, not seeing the whole picture--abdicating our power and our autonomy.


In evolutionary multi-dimensional reality we are all POWERFUL and what we need is stored within the very intelligence in our cellular makeup (mirroring universal consciousness), the intelligence surrounding us in Nature, in our bodies, our minds, our hearts.  The thought and impulse that has formed us into being is still with us, and when we acknowledge this energy, we become conscious co-creator's of reality.  

As a culture, we have not only entered a new century, we have begun an entirely new monumental cycle of time. All the prophecies talk about it, even the biblical ones.

Now is our chance to change.  But how? We begin with ourselves, or with our next evolutionary step. If resistance is present begin there.  

Some souls are destined to assist in the evolution of mass awakening, and have embraced extraordinary consciousness tools to assist our collective lift-off into the Aquarian Age.  Our intention her is to assist in personal and collective transformation and transmutation of the out-dated patterns.


If you'd like to step forward on your path forward I invite you to embrace the quantum wave, and empower yourself and others and become more than you've allowed yourself to be before.  The 3D-Saturnian-Plutocracy plan is losing it's fashion.  We don't have to go down the old-fashioned way.

The Sub-Age of Aquarius is Leo

A major component of our collective evolution lies in LISTENING to

FOLLOWING the intelligence of the heart.  


The Leo archetype operates from the heart.  It's highest expression is pure RADIANCE of Love and Light, meant to awaken THE SAME in everyone and everything within its domain.


Mirroring inner Light, reminding us all to SHINE.   


As we collectively grow out of patriarchal constructs, we are called to embrace our hearts and creatively actualize in assistance and stewardship to humanity and all of Earth's KIN--to implement more and more humanitarian pathways of living, and to take a stand for Nature as advances in globalization and technology come forth. 


Make no mistake we are called forth to live inherently heart-centered lives,

in relationship to all life, to ALL of our kin.

©2019 HeartMind Body & Soul