Natal, Transit, Solar Arc Readings
Personal Venus Cycle Counseling
Synastry & Composite Reports

Our life purpose, soul desires, gifts, challenges and more are infused at the moment of our birth, reflected in the natal blue-print (the birth chart). 

This blueprint is our planetary signature.


Learn about Soul lessons and growth opportunities calling to you via present-time planetary impulses.

Embracing these influences consciously,
mindfully dancing with them, we step into a
direct and dynamic relationship
with our highest evolution.


Consultations center around natal blueprint, current transits impacting natal birth chart, and can also be focused on one primary astrological phase you are experiencing, such as a Saturn return, Uranus Opposition, or lunar node return.

Natal & Transits,
 Progressed & Solar Arc Chart

Synastry, Composite Charts
Personal Venus Cycle journey

If there are questions specific to past periods of time this consultation can also focus time and energy at investigating what was happening in your chart during specific periods of time and integrating that awareness into your current experience.  

This consultation can be done over Skype or
Zoom and lasts up to an hour.

Cost is $150 for first time clients. 
Cost is $120 for returning clients.


“Why am I here?”

“What is my Soul purpose?”

“What are my repeating themes and behavior patterns?”


“What is my Soul's intention for evolutionary growth?”

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