Our Purpose

We EMPOWER individuals to embrace their unique talents as well as their challenges, and emerge integrated, embodied and activated to fulfill their heart and soul purpose.   

Callings can be suppressed or hidden beneath distorted personal, ancestral and/or cultural beliefs, which tend to instill roadblocks and fear, which stifle authentic aliveness.  And yet the soul hungers to be met. 

Our offerings assist those ready to consciously meet and embrace their evolutionary path of AUTHENTIC EMERGENCE.

We are alive at a poignant collective evolutionary crossroads.  Finding tribe, resources, and tools as we grow forward are unshakeable stepping stones in the evolutionary process, of unveiling what already exists within.  I invite you to embrace our offerings in support of meeting and merging with your true self and our collective evolutionary North Star.

​Our collective North Star (us, we, them) invites us to embrace and embody emotional intelligence, rather than operate from the accepted, yet antiquated cultural paradigm of bypassing our multi-dimensional aliveness.

Welcoming this wisdom into our lives helps establish balance-inner and outer--to live mindfully, EVEN joyfully, in the midst of the evolutionary chaos.  
Awakening wholly, empowers us to live authentically--serving our highest personal and collective evolution. 

We do this consciously, illuminating places where we falter, stumble, and even cower, through building each other up, not falsely, but through PRESENCE and DEPTH, HONESTY, INVENTORY taking of OUR VALUES, gathering tools and courage to live in EMBODIED fullness, with support in the depth of shadow work, and in RADIANT COMPASSIONATE ACTION to uncover what was always there.

In Love with our evolution completely--

Here is the juice, the richness!  

"Quantum leaps are asked of us now, to transform and emerge out of a dying paradigm.

Connect with your Emergent Core Essence to facilitate personal and collective
evolution in the Awakened NOW."

Meet your inner spark and AUTHENTIC Soul Expression!

She awaits to LIVE Empowered and Free!"

©2019 HeartMind Body & Soul