Aug 5

Week of August 5-11


Edited: Aug 5

Morning Loves 💗🌙🌞🦋🙏🦁


This past weekend we have been birthing forward from the New Moon in Leo, with loads of planets in full FIRE creative luminosity mode, which is delicious and will be with us through out most of August.


At the same time we've been emerging out of Mercury retrograde pattern with Mercury in direct motion (we're coming out of the deep inward internalized mind), the caveat is Mercury has been opposing Pluto. This brings extremism in our thinking and communication, and a breakdown or through in our sense to follow the rules (Capricorn). We've seen that this weekend with the mass shootings here in the states.


The New Moon chart had Aries rising with Uranus in the 1st house of Aries (misuse of the radical warrior energy)...squaring Leo planets. This is highly charged super creative enlightenment or loads of shocking jacked up drama, all depends on our attune-ment and nourishment of our nervous systems, and thus alignment with the VERTICAL spiraling pathway.


The Moon now in Libra moves into square Mercury, Pluto and the Karmic Axis. TAKE IT EASY THIS MONDAY as this configuration can get erratic...and this Libra moon can bring a sense that we are off our paths, with a pull towards the past, rather than staying the course in our new direction.


There's help from lovely Venus combust the Sun, which initiates a new cycle in the creative domain, and is further supported by fiery Jupiter now moving in direct motion in Sagittarius. Lots of GOOD LUCK to foster our movement in the direction of our refreshed and overhauled beliefs that we've been processing since mid-April.


What have you learned and understood in a whole new way? The cloak you dropped off last week and the weeks before, reveal the LIGHT PATH leading you towards your New Authentic Life.

And we're still in the Lions Gate domain (which is energetic) through the 8th (8/8) and some say through the 12th. Either way the Queen/King of the Solar System is lit up. Take advantage of the direct portal to the cosmic Lioness/Lion and her central Sun domain.


Afternoon of the 6th the Moon moves into Scorpio creating 1st quarter square to the New Moon we just had. This square is a crisis in consciousness, rubbing up against whatever may be blocking us, including our own resistance (fixed signs are notorious from digging their heels in) from what we put into seed at the New Moon.


The change-agent Uranus is squaring this first quarter moon and will be involved in the upcoming full-moon, helping us burn off the resistance, and birth forth the self-actualization desired. Hang true to your creative endeavors. The Moon moves into Sagittarius on Thursday evening fueling all the Leo planets and Jupiter in Sag through Saturday evening. Sunday the Moon moves into Capricorn, good time to rest and regroup. Capricorn likes quiet, inward, solace time to strategize best way to manage life maturely. It also rules judgment and lots of that is flying around (including from me this past weekend, with all the shootings). Then the Full Moon comes into play early morning of August 15th. I post more about that in another thread. TO ENGAGE IN FURTHER IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION OF THE TRANSITS, PLEASE ADD YOUR VOICE HERE ON THE FORUM.



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