Venus journeys in 19 month cycles through the cosmos,
as a morning star and then evening star,
forming a star-petal pattern in the sky

is significant. 
Why? because we each have a Venus Star-Gate activation point within the star pattern. These activation points illuminate where OUR PERSONAL FEMININE EVOLUTIONARY EMPOWERMENTS ARE
--just waiting for us to express and master them in this lifetime.​​

In this day long workshop (or a Venus Cycle Reading)
we comprehend the Venus cycle and track her movement
in relation to her current cosmic pattern
(the gateways she expresses through
a new one every month

Learn about Venus' connection to Mary Magdalene
apply all of this to your own specific astrology

(then we can follow along through her journey on our own,
as she passes through the various gates and integrate those lessons).

Then, with our activated knowledge and intuitive connection to the feminine, we anchor Venus' galactic RoseLight through embodiment practices and ritual, activating Mary Magdalene's Aquarian Age message and the Venus Star message into our bodies and the Earth.

September 2019

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